F Chair with linen by Rasmus Fex – Brdr.Krüger

A modern take on traditional chair design.

The fifth-generation furniture makers Brdr. Krüger has collaborated with Danish artist and experimental furniture designer Rasmus Fex, on a reinterpretation of a chair that is deeply rooted in traditional woodcraft. The F Chair is a modern take on the centuries-old typology of the folksy shaker chairs. F Chair carries on the honesty of its origins, but with a pared-back modern simplicity and added comfort.

Now, the F Chair is introduced in a fumed oak version with the hand-woven seat from all-natural linen fabric, well-suited domestic environment. The new addition adds a refined and tactile experience to the versatile design, that comes with or without armrests.

Variations of the F Chair are available in monochrome colors pared with synthetic and resilient webbings, wellsuited for restaurants and other public places.


Combining tradition and modernity.

While the F chair has found its final expression in the workshop of Brdr. Krüger, the design originates from an artistic exhibition in Milan in 2013, where Rasmus Fex showcased experimental and innovative works. Fex’ contribution arose from a sheer fascination with the simple, traditional shaker chair.

Rasmus Fex says: “I work in the borderland between art and design, form and function, and Brdr. Krüger recognized the values and philosophy in my aspiration to explore archetypes and materials with an open mind. Together we have reinterpreted the design of the shaker chair, balancing tradition and modernity, and turning a conceptual artwork into a comfortable, usable chair.”


Fex continues, “The F chair is a celebration of old crafts. It is born from innumerable prototypes and hands-on work at Brdr. Krüger’s workshop, where we fine-tuned the simple construction to gain the right expression and feel.”

With its distinguished and clever details, the F chair is true to the traditional shaker chair, but with a contemporary comfort and appearance.

Jonas Krüger, creative director of Brdr. Krüger, says: “Fex progressive design approach informed by his art background and Brdr. Krüger’s 135 years of nurtured craftsmanship, has resulted in a chair that is truly bridges the past with our presence and aim for the future.”


Crafted in Denmark.

Brdr. Krüger, started in 1886 as a wood-turning workshop founded by brothers Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger. Today the company has evolved into a self-producing furniture brand, that celebrates enduring Danish design values and embraces modernity.

Brdr. Krüger is evolving a legacy of craftsmanship, and collaborates with some of the world’s best design talent to create a living collection of furniture. Its commitment to excellence, nurtured for five generations, ensures products of the greatest quality in every piece that leaves the family-owned factory in Denmark.


About Rasmus Fex.
Danish furniture artist and designer Rasmus Fex takes a highly conceptual approach to furniture and product design. Fex considers furniture as functional sculptures and systematically seeks to explore and challenge genres, archetypes and boundaries in an intriguing borderland between art and design, that most designers, and artists as well, usually avoid. To Fex, there is no antithesis between the two genres, and he aims to reach a new aesthetics in which objects are both art and design.

The collaboration with Brdr. Krüger on the F chair (2017) is born from an experimental work of art, ‘Relatives’ from 2013, where the designer combined a series of wooden chairs in different ways, from merely sculptural to more recognisable and functional objects. The work was a part of
the Danish Mindcraft exhibition in Milan, and after a new winding and awarding design and crafts process in Brdr. Krüger’s workshop, the shaker-inspired chair from this work have grown into a rather minimal and highly functional chair with subtle references to its origin.