Exhibiting Architecture, or Architectural Exhibitionism @ Form/Design Center

Exhibiting Architecture, or Architectural Exhibitionism is a Doctoral course, organized by Per-Johan Dahl (Lund University) and Whitney Moon (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), within the framework of the Swedish graduate school ResArc.

Concerned with the communication of architecture through exhibition, the course explores the architectural exhibition both as subject and method. By postulating critical inquiries into the past, present, and future of architecture exhibition, the course examines the architecture exhibition as a means to correlate critical discourse with societal concerns. Taking the exhibition poster as object of study, the Ph.D. students intersect their research in architectural history and theory with the individual Doctoral projects, to extrapolate contemporary aspects of architecture and societal change.


  • Melissa Cate Christ
  • Jing Jing
  • Hala Elnaji
  • Dorina Pllumbi
  • Dirim Dinçer
  • María Novas Ferradás
  • Sonia Cohan
  • Flavia Crisciotti
  • Burcu Köken
  • Clara Teresa Pollak
  • Adrià Carbonell
  • Matilde Kautsky
  • Ana Goidea
  • Stavroula Angelaki
  • Chero Eliassi Sarzeli
  • Sara Sardari Sayyar

Form/Design Center
Lilla Torg 9
211 34 Malmö