Ex-works 2022, 40 students / 5 design colleges @ Möbeldesignmuseum




The Museum of Furniture Studies manages an extensive collection of design furniture. It ranges from the pioneers of the late 19th century to today’s young designers and thus provides an insight into the development of form, function, technology, and society in modern times. The museum’s main focus is to support architecture, design and craft students. Through recurring exhibitions, workshops, seminars and lectures, the museum wants to provide inspiration and knowledge and thereby contribute to the development of a future sustainable furniture architecture.
To unite the past, the present and the future!

By arranging meetings between academia and industry, between students and professionals, the museum seeks to expand the contact areas of the furniture and design industry and create a neutral platform for a cross-border creative dialogue.


For the second time, the Museum of Furniture Studies offers a common platform for design degree projects. Forty students from five design collages have been invited to participate in this year’s exhibition, almost double from the 2020 edition.
During most of their education, the students have lived with the restrictions of the Corona pandemic, meaning distance education and in some cases limited access to the schools’ workshops. If these practical limitations have affected the work results, it does not seem to be for the worse.

We can see evidence of curious material exploration, intellectual form experiments, innovative technical applications, elaborate functionality, impressive craftsmanship, and far-reaching responsible circularity. This is liberating and gives hope for the future of the design and furniture industry.

Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow


Magasin 6 – Frihamnsgatan 50, Stockholm Postal: 115 56 Stockholm



About the museum

The Museum of Furniture Studies, opened in February 2018, is based on the private collection of Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. This comprehensive collection has been built up over their 40 years of experience as professional designers and architects and has arisen from a shared interest in Scandinavian and international furniture design.

Their recent roles – Sandin as professor of design and Bülow as company director and design manager in the industry – have given them the insight that the material furniture culture and production need to be experienced and studied in detail by today´s students and professionals.

With a focus on original designs from a variety of periods and by illustrating the development of functions, materials and techniques, the museum aims to create a platform for the study and development of the furniture of tomorrow.

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Visit the museum

The Museum of Furniture Studies is located in Stockholm at Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50, in Frihamnen harbor.

The warehouse was built between 1962 and 1967, designed by the architectural firm B. Alfreds & G. Larsens Arkitektbyrå. Today the building contains various businesses and archives.

Nearest bus stop is Frihamnen station within a three minute walk from the museum. Bus lines are 1 or 76.

Nearest subway station is Gärdet station. The subway is connected with the museum via bus line 1 towards Frihamnen.


Private tours and workshops:

Private group tours are available, and special tours and workshops for students of design, architecture and crafts can also be arranged.

The gallery can be hired for conferences, meetings, concerts and other events. For more information and to make a booking, please contact us at info@mobeldesignmuseum.se or via phone: +46 727 15 05 25.