Erik Jørgensen celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of their most popular designs: the EJ 220 sofa

In 2020, the design company Erik Jørgensen celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of their most popular designs: the EJ 220 sofa. To celebrate the 50th birthday of this eternally youthful sofa, Erik Jørgensen is launching EJ 220 Elements – a new version of the sofa that features the addition of a sectional corner.

It was back in 1970 that the founder of the design company, Erik Jørgensen designed this tranquil-looking sofa, which soon became popular and famous for its simple lines and long slender surfaces. Over the years the EJ 220 has become recognised as an archetypal example of the Danish ‘box sofa’, defined by its symmetry and simplicity. To celebrate one of their cornerstones, the company has redesigned the EJ 220 sofa and named it ‘EJ 220 Elements’.

This is one of the few times in the 50 years of the sofa’s existence that the EJ 220 design has been further developed, but EJ 220 Elements is a direct extension of the original sofa and its idiom. Paying the utmost respect to the classic sofa, EJ 220 Elements features the same long-lasting design with its simple lines and symmetry.

EJ 220 Elements has three seats of the same size, but with an extra seat in the corner between the first two seats and the third one. In other words, a new angle has been added to the sofa, which was only available before in a two-seater or three-seater version. The shape of the new sofa features the same simple, elegant, low box as the original EJ 220, with soft cushions interrupting the long rigid lines of the sofa’s back and base. The expansion of the sofa and the addition of a new corner paves the way for even more Danes and international design lovers to adorn their homes with a Danish classic.

“In recent years, corner sofas and chaise longue sofas have become increasingly popular. As homes and the number of people living in the same household at the same time grow, so does the need for a bigger sofa,” says Ole Skyum, Sales Manager at Erik Jørgensen. He is delighted that the classic sofa, which has brought so much joy to people for 50 years, can now reach even more.

EJ 220 Elements will be launched during the Danish design event 3 Days of Design 2020, going on to become part of the permanent Erik Jørgensen collection. Like the EJ 220, the new sofa is available in either leather or fabric, with or without buttons and with a choice of various legs.