Epilogue – Beckmans Design Collaboration 2020

Design by Lovisa Sandström & Sofie Johansson in collaboration with Källemo
A versatile piece of furniture for hallways or entrances in both public and private
spaces, with the intention for it to be a place to hang clothes.
An object which functions both as a room divider — creating a room within a
room — as well as being a freestanding coat stand. A form that expresses a
comforting and welcoming feeling, that extends into the space within which the
piece is placed.
We wanted to create a free standing multi-functional structure, that is also a
sculptural statement in itself. This was an important aspect in the development of
our design for both Källemo and ourselves; by experimenting with curves and
switching places of the poles and turning them upside down, we found a form
that functions flexibly, for different purposes and in different places.
Design by Jessica Westerberg & Tilde Ullberg in collaboration with Johanson Design
A seat for “break out areas” — an extra seat for spontaneous meetings.
The Dot stools are characterised by their distinct looking solid joints and their
detachable covers, both qualities that prolong their lifespan in a public
environment. We have designed a stool with three individual and separable
components — frame, padding and cover. The construction requires few moments
i n assemblage and the covers are designed to make use of the production’s
waste material.
The key questions driving our design process were “how do we make the
production and assembly as effective as possible?” and “how do we minimize the
use of material?”
We wanted to create a stool that could fit within Johanson Design’s existing
production set up. Our challenge has been to design a solid construction with
personality for public areas, with as few materials as possible.
Design by Alice Hägglund & Mika Lindblad in collaboration with Mitab
A barstool for hospitality and office environments. The height is adjustable to meet
both bar and counter height.
As a result of an investigation of the flexible and solid qualities of the steel pipe,
Eddy has been given a static form with a dynamic expression. A distinctive trait is
the footrest which, with its unbroken shape, gives the stool a fluid look, as if in
constant change.
Through the project, we have critically challenged the current consensus; that
mechanical seating should be created with a focus on its functional aesthetics.
We turned it around, and have designed a piece of mechanical furniture, with an
aim to express the aesthetics of its functionality instead.
Design by Rasmus Steyner Randén & Sinar Alexis in collaboration with Kinnarps
Magic can happen when people are encouraged to come together.
Just depending on mood, for example, if hungry, relaxed or stressed, people
appreciate different kinds of chairs and levels of connection. This piece invites
people to interact and collaborate in unexpected ways.
Our challenge was to explore the inter-relationship of the volumes, their different
levels and proportions, their angles and the negative space created in order to
maximize the functionality of our piece. It´s called Evy



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