Enjoy the visual silence with functional TV furniture by Peter J. Lassen – Montana

Indulge in visual tranquillity

Montana Furniture unveils its latest innovation in home entertainment: the new TV & Sound furniture, complete with enhanced functionalities. Enjoy your high-resolution TV and crisp surround sound, all while maintaining a clutter-free environment free from unsightly cables, remote controls, and electronic accessories. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the TV & Sound series is designed to conceal electronics without compromising on aesthetics. It seamlessly integrates into your living space, providing a sleek and sophisticated solution that harmonises with modern interiors.

The assortment is available in all 41 Montana colours and holds certifications from the Danish Indoor Climate
label as well as the official EU Ecolabel.

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen



About Montana TV & Sound
With Montana TV & Sound, you can create the optimum storage solution for electronic and hi-fi equipment. The series conceals cables, set-top boxes and other electronic devices. Customise your own or choose from 12 standard models that vary in size and solution. Available in all of Montana’s 41 lacquer colours.

When creating storage for electronics, bear in mind that the internal dimensions behind the retractable door are 33.8 cm for modules of depth 38 cm and 25.8 cm for modules of depth 30 cm. The series can carry evenly distributed loads of up to 40 kg. The maximum load for the module top is 20 kg.

Perforated doors
The Montana TV & Sound modules are fitted with perforated retractable doors or fronts that make it possible to operate electronic equipment through the closed door and provides better air circulation around the devices.

The retractable doors discreetly hides the electronic equipment. The door has a perforated steel front lacquered in Montana’s lacquer colours. The door has no handles; to open, push lightly at the bottom and slide it up under the top of the unit. The perforated retractable door makes it possible to operate electronic equipment through the closed door, and provides better air circulation around the hi-fi devices. Shelves above, below and between retractable doors are fixed. When the retractable door is open, it takes up 3.2 cm from the inside top down into the module.

Perforated fronts
The perforated fronts can be detached from the shelves by giving them a gentle push. Perforated fronts are integrated into a single unit or in combination with shelves/dividers. Perforated fronts are available in 4 sizes and can be mounted either portrait or landscape. The *8 x *6, *6 x *4 and *4 x *2 perforated fronts are ready for loudspeakers to be installed. The perforated fronts are made for loudspeakers manufactured by Pointsource Acoustics. Loudspeakers from any other manufacturer can also be used.

Perforated fronts are available in steel, powder-coated in Montana colours. Sound units with perforated fronts ready for loudspeakers have slots for cabling at the rear. A rear cut-out for cable routing must be selected to go behind the *6 x *2 perforated front.

Cabling and slots
The back panels of the TV-modules are fitted with a round slot for a cable grommet to connect the unit to the power socket. The shelf has a slot for cabling between equipment into the unit.

The TV & Sound units are available with legs, castors, plinth and suspension rails for mounting on the wall. When wall-mounted, sound modules in all widths should be calculated with two OP12 suspension rails. The suspension rail is available in a thickness of 12 mm or 16 mm depending on cable thickness, allowing cables to be run behind the units. Please make sure to choose Sound suspension rails for all units, when combining with TV & Sound units, so the distance from the wall is the same.

VI17, VI17 and VI19 TV & Sound modules have a lacquered SS10 support rail mounted under the base when selected with a suspension rail. Support rail SS10 should be fitted under any additional shelves and tops for a load of more than 3 kg. Shelves/unit tops can withstand a load of max. 10 kg with a support rail. The support rail comes in the same colours as the shelving unit.

Adapt the TV & Sound units to personal needs with additional components including cable tracks, doors, drawers and suspension rails. A Montana retailer can guide you through the different possibilities and help you create a solution that fits your specific needs.