Ekko is a family of sofas designed to fit seamlessly within the modern workplace by Boris Berlin – Icons of Denmark

Designed by Boris Berlin
Ekko is a family of sofas designed to fit seamlessly within the modern workplace. The straight geometry on the outside of the sofa responds intuitively to interior spaces, whilst the organically curved cushioning provides a deep level of comfort, sensing and echoing the human body with comfortable lumbar support. Elevating front of house or reception settings, the Ekko sofa inherently expresses precision and quality with its clean lines

An ergonomically designed product, the Ekko is a sofa that senses the body of the user providing support within the low back structure. Designer of the sofa, Boris Berlin, carried out extensive studies to optimise the comfort and shape, intuitively following the shape and forms of seated postures.

Ekko is a sofa that senses, harmoniously bringing together people and the modern work environment. It complements surrounding interior architecture, through a clean-lined silhouette, aligning seamlessly with walls and division of space. The piping detail along the outline of the sofa, shows the free-flowing, continuous profile and highlights the precision of the upholstery work.

Inside the sofa, sculpted curves naturally shadow the form of those sitting in it, following the human body and providing deep, plush comfort.

The Ekko family is available in 2, 2.5 and 3 seater as well as an armchair, with either a solid white or black lacquered oak, or smoked oak leg.