Editors’ Choice Award to BOB – Blå Station

Editors' Choice Award to BOB – Blå Station

Design Borselius & Bernstrand

A sofa system providing almost unlimited options, constructed using the smallest possible number of modules. Build it straight. Or with soft curves. Add a hairpin bend. Let Bob undulate across your space or build strict configurations. Long or short. Just a few or lots of modules. Each sofa module is only 26 centimetre at its widest, and with only 5+1 different modules, Bob is an easy-to-understand and extremely flexible sofa system. And which other sofa can grow by only 26 cm at a time? Where ordinary sofas are usually rectangular, square and predictable, Bob offers the architectonic freedom to either challenge or adhere to all types of spaces. Without any “back” side, Bob faces all directions beautifully, providing even more possibilities for interior design architecture.

The straightforward construction requires a minimum of maintenance: a frame in FSC certified plywood with moulded foam, and a wide selection of fabrics and colours.

Johan Lindau, CEO and design manager of Blå Station, has once again challenged two of Sweden’s most renowned designers. Is it possible to allow for maximum flexibility with a minimum of components at a reasonable price?
Designers Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius worked as a team from the first sketch to the finished product.
‘You can easily get stuck on details when you work alone’, say Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius in unison. ‘We work faster together when we can switch roles, between looking at the details and taking a holistic approach during the process.
We cut and adjusted a volume in styrofoam in Stefan’s studio until the height and depth was
spot on’, says Thomas Bernstrand. ‘Then we rotated it until it fitted perfectly on a Euro pallet.’
The final result is a compact volume for transport, with each module being easy to handle both
in the factory and on site.

‘Sit on the back of the sofa, or deep down in Bob; you will be sitting comfortably regardless’, emphasises Stefan. Enter the floor plan into the computer and let Bob flow through space with simple or complex forms.


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