Eagle – ateljé Lyktan

Eagle – ateljé Lyktan

Eagle by Tham & Videgård
Eagle – an unfolded cube that takes the shape of a magnificent bird.

Architects Tham & Videgård’s iconic lamp Eagle was originally created in ateljé Lyktans workshop for Treehotel in 2010. Eagle is now in production for a wider audience by ateljé Lyktan. Besides the iconic pendant lamps, Eagle has been developed into a ceiling and wall fixture.

The world-famous Treehotel opened in 2010 in the village of Harads, near the Arctic Circle. For Treehotel, Tham
& Videgård Architects created ”The Mirrorcube”, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect the cube’s sourroundings.
The cube also inspired the lamp ”Eagle” – an unfolded cube that takes the shape of a magnificent bird.

Eagle is quite big, but still gives a very light and hovering feeling. It’s perfect above a dining table as well as in
the office where a number of Eagles can form a flock of birds. When we created Eagle we challenged ourselves to
create something entirely new from the shape of a cube. The result is bird with an origami feeling to it, says Bolle
Tham och Martin Videgård.


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