Dolly by Louise Hederström – bsweden

Dolly by Louise Hedenström – bsweden

Low model of Dolly by Louise Hederström

Dolly, a favourite since 2009, has now been developed into a table lamp and floor lamp. The characteristic opalescent plastic globe has been combined with a leather ring. The shape is clear indication that Louise has been inspired by a world globe. The globe itself can be turned on the ring to alter Dolly’s appearance.

“It was fun to introduce a new material like leather. It’s quite unexpected and gives a softer impression,” says Louise Hederström.

The leather ring is manufactured by a saddler located close to Bsweden.

“I prefer working with local suppliers. It’s valuable to be able to discuss directly with the people doing the work,” says Gunnel Svensson, CEO of Bsweden.

The stand of the Dolly floor lamp has also been given a new, blue-grey tone.