Detalji Bench 
design by Jenni Roininen & Ritva Puotila – Nikari

Detalji (“detail” in Finnish) bench is made following the traditional Nikari craftsmanship solutions, accompanied with delicate Woodnotes paper yarn fabric “Woodpecker”, designed by Ritva Puotila. The paper yarn is also used separately at the ends of the bench.

Detalji is made of sustainably grown solid oak. The wooden surface is treated with natural wood oil mix, which doesn’t harm the craftsman, environment, or the user, and the paper yarn is spun and woven of undyed paper in Ostrobothnia, Finland. The upholstery material is 100% wool. Together the delicate details of the Woodpecker paper yarn fabric and the joinery solutions of solid wood make the bench inviting and suitable for various surroundings.