DesignTrade 28-30/8 2013 – puts the spotlight on new talents

DesignTrade 28-30/8 2013 – puts the spotlight on new talents

One of the initiatives at the new Copenhagen design fair DesignTrade Copenhagen is an area for new design talents called ‘Talent Street’. In the past few months there have been numerous applications to exhibit in the area, and the ten most promising talents have now been selected.

DesignTrade’s Product Manager Rasmus Øland, who from the outset has worked to create a platform for new talents at DesignTrade, is delighted with the strong field of applicants wanting to participate at the fair.

“At DesignTrade, we want to help support new talents and give them the chance to bask in the limelight. This gives them the opportunity to show themselves, and in particular their designs, to the industry, and in so doing DesignTrade is hopefully helping them to take the next step in their careers,” says Rasmus Øland.

The young architect and design talents were selected by DesignTrade Copenhagen and the young architect Magnus Sangild from Ocean Going.

Magnus Sangild, who has designed Talent Street specially for the fair on the basis of his interpretation of urban life in large cities such as Copenhagen, describes what he has looked for in the applications.

“The ten talents are beautifully in tune with the Scandinavian design tradition, and they all have a good sense of the materials and craftsmanship which are used to create a unique story around their designs. In particular, it is in the way that they successfully juxtapose traditional and innovative elements while breaking with habitual ideas on how Scandinavian design should be experienced that the ten talents are helping to show tomorrow’s trends at DesignTrade,” ends Magnus Sangild.

The ten talents and their works are:
Copenhanger by Møberg & Vilslev
Collection by Marianne Viktor
Proud by Annike Laigo
Nunabee by Maya Bille
Nye streger by Anders Thams
Nord by Jesper Su Rosenmeier
Collection by Nørbjerg & Kyed
Sekvens by Kristina Vildersbøll
Intricate by Alexandra Raben Design
Collection by Miriam Ortwed