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Photo image by J. Nix.
INDEX: Design to Improve Life®’s birth place – Danish capital Copenhagen – has signed a two year partnership from 2011 to 2012 making the “bicycle capital of the world” a part of the Design to Improve Life City network.

“We keep the commitment of the Copenhageners by working to provide a good everyday life where it is easy to be climate-friendly: We build bicycle lanes, we establish waterfront baths, and we lay out new beaches. We are also planning to establish a ski slope on the roof of our new waste incineration plant”, says Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen. He continues: “The combination of modern solutions with quality of life is essential. In Copenhagen, we are looking forward to getting high quality inspiration and sharing experiences with other cities by entering into the Design to Improve Life City network”.

Copenhagen has a long tradition of involving the citizens face to face – not least in the development of the city. A case in point in the future is the development of a whole new carbon dioxide-neutral area, Nordhavn, where local people are encouraged to provide input.

Copenhagen is to be the first carbon dioxide-neutral capital in the world. The ambition will be used in order to attract green investments and facilitate partnerships between Danish and international universities, businesses and other cities and local authorities.

Copenhagen is not only to be developed in a climate-neutral direction – the city will also invite the World to test tomorrow’s green city solutions in Copenhagen. The Danish capital wants to be one of the world’s leading ’green laboratories’, stimulating Danish growth businesses and attracting international investments and knowledge environments. And design is an important element in that direction, especially in making it easy for people to act “green”.

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Photo image by J. Nix.