Design Talents @ Formex

Design Talents @ Formex

Announcing Formex’s spring design talents! The designers who were selected work with a wide range of materials, including everything from hand-blown glass and natural leather to something as exciting as compostable coffee grounds. Design Talents, previously called Young Designers, will highlight unestablished artists and designers at the Formex interior and design fair on January 17-20.


Svenskt läder by Anna has slowly emerged from hours spent successfully and unsuccessfully working with leather. Anna has liked design, fashion and interior design for a long time, but in recent years her big interest has become more than just a hobby. She works with leather because she loves the raw feel and how well it is worn by life. The combination of details, patterns and raw, untreated, natural tan leather forms the basis for the products at Svenskt läder by Anna.

“I love how leather responds and how my ideas become real accessories. I am often inspired by patterns and contrasts. For example, I had the idea for the ‘Siv’ pattern when I was peeling potatoes and some of the dirty potato water splashed on the wall.”


Marcin Pogorzelski was always interested in a human-nature relationship. Even during his studies at University of Art in Poznan, Poland he was developing systems which bring nature closer to our everyday life. He graduated from Konstfack, University of art, craft and design in Stockholm, with specialization in sustainable design. Now he is working with an upcycling industry wastes and developing new materials.

”Offee_sthlm is a project based on material research. We are developing natural products for nature. At Formex we have a pleasure to introduce our first product, small plant pot. We compromise between simple, timeless form and complex, based on coffee waste bio material. We are upcycling industry waste and creating fully stable but also easy to recycle, biodegradable and compostable product. Offee_sthlm’s pot is a result of a deep understanding of natural processes and craftsmanship at its best.”


Glass-blower and designer from Malmö who works with both small-scale production lines and unique works. In her work, Nina strives for simplicity and rawness. She is inspired by different parts of the physical work process, for example the movement when she spins the warm glass on the pipe and the glass’s movement when it is warm and liquid. At Formex, Nina is exhibiting parts of her ongoing project as well as her everyday service, “A Material in Motion”.

“In my work, I want to show my fascination for the organic material and the constant movement in the hot liquid glass. These are the qualities that made me start working with glass. My focus has been on trying to maintain a sense of movement in the glasses, almost like they are still in motion and are being re-shaped while you are holding them, looking at them, using them.”