Design School Kolding presents A home is a home is a home @ Milan Design Week

Welcome to visit ‘A home is a home is a home’ at Milan Design Week, a dynamic experience that invites people to interact and wonder about what objects make them feel at home.

On the basis of workshops conducted by jewellery artist Yuka Oyama, students from Design School Kolding have designed three sculptures and accessories that interpret the stories of three selected people. By collecting stories about personal objects that people take with them when they move around, we seek to understand which values of ‘home’ remain the same and if any new perceptions of home have developed.

Come join us at Ventura Future, Via Tortona 54, Milan, April 9-14.

Opening hours: All days 9.30 – 20.00 except Sunday, where the exhibition closes at 18.00.
Wedensday open until 22.00.


Artistic Director: Yuka Oyama
Head of Subject Accessory: Josephine Winther
Students at Design School Kolding: Josephine Graff Vallant (Instagram), Anne Sonnichsen (Instagram), Frederikke Ryhl Toft, Diana-Maria Cercel, Thora Thestrup Okkels, Eimile Zalubaite (3D digital tech), Elzbieta Pietak
Communication and PR: Visual Identity/Graphic Design: Jacque et Brigitte, Photographer Katrine Worsøe, Designer Allan Schmidt, Producer Jens Bo Thomsen, Communications Worker Marianne Baggesen Hilger and Head of Communication Charlotte Melin


Photographer: Marcelo Soulé & Jacobo Spilimbergo