How can design thinking shape policy?

How can design thinking shape policy?

This website is a platform to gather public opinion on these topics. Please take a few minutes to share your perspective. We’ll aggregate the findings and publish them here.

About this Project

Our goal is to create a lightweight crowdsourcing website to accompany the 2012-2013 roundtable discussions led by the GAC in Design & Innovation. The function of is to animate thinking prior to our roundtables and also to extend the conversation to people that may not have access to the actual events, but who would like to share their ideas, perspectives, questions.

For 3-4 weeks prior to each roundtable, we will gather the collective intelligence of our extended communities with a time-limited provocation, question, or ask . Based on the theme of each event, the website question will change. The responses will be gathered, synthesized, and visualized on the site, as well as at the roundtable meetings.

About the Global Agenda Councils

The Network of Global Agenda Councils is a unique, global community of over 1,500 premier thought leaders who are the foremost experts in their fields of academia, business, government, international organizations, and society. Grouped in over 80 Councils, Global Agenda Council Members commit their extensive knowledge, expertise, and passion to jointly shape the global, regional, and industry agenda. The Global Agenda Councils are committed to addressing the most pressing issues and opportunities of our time and aim to provide new thinking and solutions.

The Global Agenda Councils are a community within the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

About Design & Innovation

The world needs creative solutions to overcome the current set of crises, from climate change to fragile states and youth unrest. Today’s complex environment requires that we constantly readjust our mindsets to tackle its dynamic forces. In this context, design and innovation are drivers for humanity’s creative and sustainable future.

The Global Agenda Council (GAC) on Design & Innovation strives to apply design and innovation to identify and analyse systemic problems, and to invent and deliver creative solutions. During the five years of its existence, the Council has developed principles for design to become a capacity-building tool as well as a provider of concrete solutions to global issues.

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