Design og arkitektur Norge @ Milano

Design og arkitektur Norge @ Milano

Starting from a shared desire to shift towards sustainability, JOIN by Norwegian Presence invites people from varied industries to work together to find the solutions that our increasingly resource-scarce world requires. Collaboration is a prerequisite in creating a sustainable future.

We have to acknowledge the apparent contradiction
that being a part of Milan Design Week entails – after all,
the act of participation in itself contributes to increased
production. However, we believe the power of this
platform to build awareness and influence the industry
is unrivalled on the global stage, and that there is
nowhere better in the world to make our case.

This year, we asked Norwegian designers and artists
to address the issue of sustainability from a wider
perspective. As well as climate considerations and
our use of resources, sustainability entails economic
and social aspects, a commitment to democratic and
inclusive processes, and a consideration of the needs
of future generations.

JOIN by Norwegian Presence exhibits prototypes and
crafted objects from 21 designers and artists, curated
by the celebrated creative studio Kråkvik&D’Orazio.

In addition, we are proud to present seven Norwegian
furniture manufacturers, all with environmental
impact and sustainability high on their agenda. The
products on display have been selected in collaboration
with designers Kristine Bjaadal and Hallgeir Homstvedt,
who are also responsible for the overall exhibition
design. The exhibition itself is built with environmentally
friendly materials, using modules that will
be disassembled and reused.

Not only uniting many of Norway’s leading designers,
artists and manufacturers, JOIN by Norwegian Presence
is also a collaboration across organisations: Design and
Architecture Norway (DOGA), Klubben and Norwegian
Crafts. DOGA works to promote innovation and change
within businesses and the public sector through design
and architecture. Klubben is the association operated
for and by Norwegian designers, aiming to promote
Norwegian design and encourage collaborations with
other industries. Norwegian Crafts works to strengthen
the position of Norway’s craft artists internationally.

JOIN by Norwegian Presence is an invitation to
enter into a dialogue about sustainability and what
we can all do to achieve it. Through conversation
and collaboration, our aim is to contribute to the
knowledge, determination and innovation necessary
for a shared sustainable future.

JOIN by Norwegian Presence is organised in partnership with The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Norway, The Federation of Norwegian Industries, Oslo Design Fair and Visit Norway.

via Savona 35,
Zona Tortona

9—14 April 2019

Opening Times
11–19:00 (Tues-Sat)
11–17:00 (Sun)