Day Lite & Day High – Gärsnäs

Day Lite & Day High – Gärsnäs

Day family adds Day Lite and Day High

Pierre Sindre expands his popular office series, Day, with a slimline auditorium chair, Day Lite, and a high-backed conference chair, Day High. The series already includes the models Day I, Day II, Day III; the latest additions, Day Lite and Day High, bring the Day family to seven members with various functions.

Day Lite and Day High product description:

Day Lite is an auditorium chair, in fabric or leather, on runners, connectable and stackable. With or without armrests. Armrests enable hanging.

Day High is a fully upholstered conference chair with high back in fabric or leather. Armrests in ash, birch, oak or walnut, alternatively stained. Strip on the back available in different colours or quality. Interchangeable upholstery. Swivel star base in chrome plate or alternatively white-, black- or silver-lacquered steel tubing. Adjustable height. Guides or casters.

Pierre Sindre on Day Lite and Day High:

The office series, Day, already a classic, has now been supplemented with two new chairs; what are they?

There are two new models called Day Lite and Day High. Day Lite is a slimmed down version of the previous Day products. I would describe it as an auditorium chair on runners, with several practical features added. Day Lite is connectable, stackable and available with or without armrests. With armrests, it can be hung up, which is handy in general.

Day High further strengthens and boosts the self-evident comfort that is the foundation of the entire Day series. With high backrests, Day High is made for lengthy sittings and can be described as absolutely Executive. The upper backrest consists of a separate frame, thus the upholstery can be varied endlessly. The advantage of using different fabrics for the seat and back is, through colour and texture, it allows the chair to appear more or less stately.

Test sit the Day chairs at the Gärsnäs stand A11:20, Stockholm Furniture Fair 9 – 13 February.





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