David Regestam has designed the Gärsnäs stand 2017

David Regestam has designed the Gärsnäs stand 2017

David Regestam, interior architect at Wingårdh Arkitektkontor,
has designed the Gärsnäs stand 2017.

What has been your inspiration for this year’s Gärsnäs stand?

David Regestam:
“I wanted this year’s theme to purely profile the origin and identity of Gärsnäs. The elegant from Österlen. Trips
to and from the factory were my inspiration. The beautiful countryside with its farmyards and white-plaster
facades, billowing fields of poppies and avenues of trees that are so typical of the area. For the stand, we have
plastered the large wall white and painted the logo on it, which together with the relief provides a sense of
craftsmanship. The colour palette is sparse: a black-and-white base and natural wood. Poppy seed with complementary
accents in dark-blue tones. The focus is on surface materiality and structure with playful veneers,
transparency, speckled and graphically patterned textiles, carpeted areas and leather.”

“This year’s new designs are collected together on an enormous, sparkling catwalk carpet right in the middle.
The Gärsnäs classics are presented on a ring of podiums with sail-like walls covered in the same eyelet
embroidery as the Gärsnäs classic Pia lamp. The concept of the podiums is to deconstruct the stand’s scale
into smaller spaces and create a photogenic backdrop for the furniture. The well-known Pia lamps indicate the
various groups of furniture, swaying overhead and showing the way to the Gärsnäs stand.”

Welcome to Gärsnäs, stand A11:20, Stockholm Furniture Fair 7 – 11 February