Crackle Circular – Red Dot Award in the category Product Design “Best of the Best”

Crackle Circular – a collection featuring three vases and one bowl produced using upcycled waste glass in Kosta, Sweden – Red Dot Award in the category Product Design “Best of the Best”



Almost a Sculpture

Today’s generation of designers is fascinated by traditional craftsmanship and the aesthetic possibilities it affords, also because it is the antithesis to pervasive high tech. Unique products that are perfectly crafted and are one of a kind are in high demand. At the same time, environmental sustainability is gaining traction. The organic-looking Crackle Circular Vase XL by Swedish glass manufacturer Kosta Boda falls right into the category of satisfying both aims. The mould for the unusually tall mouth-blown vase with a height of 37 cm, is hollowed out by hand. The lively surface of the vase owes its appearance to an old glass-making technique. The vase is mouthblown into a mold before the sizzling hot glass bulb is dipped into cold water causing tiny, irregular cracks to appear on the surface – hence the English name “Crackle”. It is a process that captures some of the magic of the opposing elements of fire and water. The glass is then reheated in an oven where the tiny cracks grow wider, and their sharp edges disappear. The result is a surface structure that resembles frozen ice, which is why it is also called “ice glass”. The jury’s verdict: “The way in which an old technique has been revived is exceptional. The industry should be encouraged to nurture this type of artisanal technique. In the case of the Crackle Circular Vase XL, it has been reinterpreted in an almost provocative way. The oversized vase shows a strong personality. It is sculptural – a masterpiece.” The product is not only remarkable for its formal composition, but also for its economic use of materials as the vase is a result of Kosta Boda’s circular glass initiative. This sees waste glass from the company’s own glassworks being sorted by colour before it is recycled into the production process. Every new product, including the Crackle Circular Vase XL, therefore has its own unique colour. The blueprint for the vase with its organic use of forms also incorporates a practical approach to the circular economy, an aspect that will increasingly affect design in future.

• Manufacturer:
Kosta Boda, Kosta, Sweden
• Design:
Studio Åsa Jungnelius, Åsa Jungnelius, Eriksmåla, Sweden