No Copy! – Originals only!

No Copy! – Originals only!

No Copy! – Originals only!

Koelnmesse is taking the initiative in the fight against product piracy and for the preservation of intellectual property rights. An “Intellectual Property Memorandum” was signed together with Chinese business partners on August 20, 2007. It obliges the signatories to undertake comprehensive information measures, joint media campaigns, and, most importantly, to take concrete measures to promote the protection of intellectual property at the trade fairs and to prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights.

We have summarized important tips and information on this topic for you in our “No Copy! – Originals only!” brochure.

If you have further questions, we’ll be happy to help you in the “No Copy! – Originals only!” Action Center at the trade fair.

Where will you find us? Please contact our Service Center!

What exactly is brand and product piracy?

  • Brand piracy is the illegal use of signs, names, logos (brands) and commercial designations which are used by brand manufacturers to identify their products in trade.
  • Product piracy is the forbidden copying and duplication of goods for which the legal manufacturer possesses rights of invention, design rights, and process rights.

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