Comet X designed by Gunilla Allard – Lammhults

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, 3-7 February, Lammhults presents yet a new version of the successful chair series Comet, designed by Gunilla Allard. With its thin, extra high back, this latest version, called Comet X, offers even more comfort and character. Comet X was launched for the first time at Orgatec in Cologne 2014.

Form and function are important key words. As the rest of the family members, Comet X has the hidden cushion in the lower back, creating and extra-ordinary support. Its high back has an extra angle in the upper section, giving extra comfort. The slim silhouette and the classic, yet modern shape give Comet X a strong architectural expression. Comet X offers elegance and power to the conferences and meeting rooms of today.


”I have always liked high, slim shapes, and in Comet X, I have had the possibility to develop a product with its own
expression, and with focus on comfort”, says the designer, Gunilla Allard.

Comet X has the same distinct shape as the rest of the Comet members, where the seat and the back are softly shaped into a harmonious whole, and where the details in the upholstery finish off the seat in an exquisite way. Since the launch in 2010, the product family Comet has been further expanded with a number of very successful variants. Comet X constitutes yet a complement and makes it possible to use Comet in environments with wide range of needs and requirements, from the quick, active, meeting to elegant meeting room for the daylong conference.

Comet X comes with or without armrest, in fabric or leather. The swivel base comes in two versions, 4-feet with
glides and 5-feet on wheels.


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