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Gunilla Allard’s Comet strengthens shining star in Lammhults range

Gunilla Allard is continuing her successful collaboration with Lammhults. The Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 sees the launch of two new versions of the Comet conference chair with consummate design: a lounge easy chair offering lower comfortable seating, and a chair on a runner base that conveys a light, airy impression.
The lounge easy chair has an almost iconic style language that flirts both with 1960s Star Trek and future design. Comet Lounge is where you want to sit for a long time. The secret lies in the built-in support for the curve of the back, which provides complete comfort. Comet with the runner base is a lighter but above all quieter alternative to a chair with legs, as it glides over the floor and makes it easier to move. As always with Allard’s designs, the details have been refined and have been allowed to take all the time they need.

Seating comfort and chair design have become something of a signature for Gunilla Allard, and they are talents she has developed and refined over the years. With Comet, Lammhults’ design department and experienced craftspeople
show once again that they meet the highest class and standards of quality.
“My aim is to design and develop modern furniture with Scandinavian austerity. With Comet I’ve developed a brand new expression, both with interesting design and good function,” Gunilla Allard explains. ”Comet encloses you. It’s a chair you sit in, rather than on.”


Comet has a clear, distinct design where the seat and back are softly shaped in a slender silhouette into a harmonious whole. Comfort, simplicity and modernity have been guiding principles in the design and development process. The idea behind the soft rounded shape of the chair is that it should give the user the feeling of an embrace.
A comet is a celestial body orbiting the sun. About once a decade, a visible bright comet passes in the sky and we can see something unusual and exciting.
Design: Gunilla Allard.

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