Collect continues to grow its collection of beautifully crafted home accessories by Space Copenhagen

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Collect continues to grow its collection of beautifully crafted home accessories.

Collect’s line of soft furnishings and home objects has expanded with the addition of six new pieces. Each are crafted with the same commitment to superior quality and timeless design, with new materials – including glazed ceramics and lacquered wood – added to the range.



For those fond of flower arrangements, Collect now boasts two more vases in its growing collection. The first – a series of ceramic pieces – explores the unpredictable nature of the glazing process, which sees each vase as a unique creation. Available in three sizes, these organically shaped designs have two glazes – one outside, another on the interior – that melt together at their meeting point.

The second line of vases are made in crafted glass, playing with the material’s transparency to create a rippled, liquid-like effect. Each piece in the trio comes in a different colour: the small SC66 in Shadow; the medium SC67 in Forest; and the large SC68 in Powder.

This interest in bringing the natural world inside continues with a series of smaller planters suited for indoor spaces. An extension of Collect’s line of hand-crafted concrete planters, these softly rounded vessels sit upon a slightly raised base that echoes the sculptural curves of a classic pedestal. They come in four dimensions and are offered in a variety of pastel hues: Sage; Slate; Sky; Ochre; Sienna; and Silver.

Everyday home items are elevated by their thoughtful use of materials, such as a set of carafes and glasses that explore the idiosyncratic properties of glass. Simple and decidedly modern in appearance, the pieces boast a subtle whirlpool motif that mirrors the swirling nature of water. Nodding to a common feature in Asian design, the glasses include a small lip on their edge that creates a natural place for the lip to rest.

A wooden tray is an equally understated piece. Made from solid wood, the result is a gently curved piece with a fluid feel and natural veins that run throughout the wood. It is available in two options: lacquered oak and lacquered walnut.

Inspiration took a different route with the candleholders, which reference the striking simplicity of Doric columns found in Ancient Greece. The gleaming brushed brass pieces are unadorned; instead, their long, slender stems contrast with their rounded bases. Available in three sizes, they are intended to work individually or as a trio.

Designed by Space Copenhagen, Collect reflects the studio’s commitment to quality and longevity. Founders Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou wanted to create a cohesive offering of home accessories that would bring comfort to any interior. Their intuitive approach, coupled with a belief in slow aesthetic, results in contemporary designs with timeless appeal.