Clean lines and subtle curves meld in Inland, a sofa design by Anderssen & Voll – &Tradition

Clean lines and subtle curves meld in Inland, a sofa that delicately tows the line between Italian flair and Scandinavian minimalism.

Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll wanted to design a sofa that would provide the utmost comfort within a clearly defined architectural framework. With this vision in mind, they designed Inland, a low-form, deep sofa with high arms and a warm black steel-footed base that gives it the sense of floating.

While Inland’s self-contained shape pays homage to the classic mid-century lounge pieces from Anderssen & Voll’s native Norway, the duo introduced an unexpected element. Inland’s generous seating boasts a plush cushion interior, as seen in classic Italian design, creating a luxuriously comfortable piece that inspired the sofa’s name. The result is an inviting design that encourages rest and relaxation without compromising on style.

“The Inland sofa is a lifted installation of comfort hovering above the floor,” explains Voll of their creation. “With the delicate steel leg base, the floor opens up and runs unhindered. We think it is an all-around sofa with an adaptable and airy presence.”

The Inland sofa is available as a two-seater or a three-seater. Its upholstery is available in a range of materials to suit any interior, whether that’s a classic leather, a contemporary linen, or a warm and welcoming wool.


Anderssen & Voll
Since establishing Anderssen & Voll in 2009, the Oslo-based creative duo have been credited with putting Norway on the global design map. They have scooped numerous awards for their work within furniture, lighting, and home accessories, including the Wallpaper* Design Awards.