Circs – A stool designed to stand the test of time by Simon Legald – normann

Normann Copenhagen introduces its new stool series, Circa — a design celebrating classic minimalism. The smooth, curved edges of the seat rest on a sturdy base crafted in black powder coated steel. As implied by its name, circles are a recurring element in the design of the stool series.

The distinctive, circular shape of the seat is repeated in the rounded footrest as well as in the practical hole in the middle of the seat, which allows for the stool to be easily carried around. The use of repetition ensures a harmonious and well-balanced expression in the design. With its contemporary and utilitarian look, the Circa stool series accommodates modern interior’s demand for simplicity and functionality and offers the perfect solution for seating in residential or commercial spaces.

Designed by Simon Legald

A harmonious, well-balanced design
With the mission of creating a timeless and durable stool series, the Circa series was born — a design that embodies the principles of minimalism while simultaneously rich in detail. The graphic and geometrical expression of the design is reinforced in the balance of positive and negative elements. The seat is round, yet flat and visually occupies a lot of space when viewed from above. Slightly lifted from the base, the seat offers a light and airy appearance to the design in spite of the sturdiness of the construction. These contrasting elements ensure a design that is simplistic and classic yet full of character.

Circa comes in three heights and is available with several different seat options.