Börge Lindau

Börge Lindau (1932–1999)
has been one of Sweden’s most recognised and appreciated designers from as far back as the early 60’s. Year in and year out, with remarkable consistency, he has produced, first with his colleague Bo Lindekrantz (together Lindau & Lindekrantz developed a number of superior collections for Lammhults and ZERO during the 70’s and 80’s) and later on his own at BLÅ STATION, timelessly functional and attractive furniture – simple in appearance, but in reality extremely well thought out, first-class quality down to slightest detail. A list of honours and designer’s awards bestowed upon him is impressively long.

The Probok Award in 1962, The Lunning Award in 1969, The Forsnäs Award for best bent-laminate furniture pieces on two occasions 1984 & 1987,Excellent Swedish Design a number of times ,Forum/ Närmiljö’s Award for best home furniture and best contract furniture and The Tärnsjö Award in 1990. Just to name a few!

BORN: 1932 in Åhus Sweden
EDUCATION: 1957-1962 Slöjdföreningen in Gothenburg
Now HDK: Art School for Design And Handicraft)
PROFESSION:Interior Architect, SIR

1963 The Probok Award for Opalen chair/produced Lammhults
1969 The Lunning Award together with Bo Lindekrantz
1975 SID’s Designaward for chair X75/produced Lammhults
1984 The Forsnäs Award for chairs Duett/produced Lammhults
1984 SIR’s Award for Post/ produced by Åhmans
1987 SIR’s Award for folding-stool B+/ produced Blå Station
1990 Tärnsjö Award for best furniture made in naturally tanned leather
1993 Excellent Swedish Design Award, special price for most interesting design co-operation between designer, Börge Lindau and producer, Blå Station) products chosen were Simsalabim & Tant Emma (Hannah)

1987 Excellent Swedish Design Diploma for folding-stool B+
1988 Excellent Swedish Design Diploma for Graphic Design program
1989 Excellent Swedish Design Diploma for the Outsiders Range

1962-75 Interiors for Government & City-Communities & Private section.
From 1965 Furniture design together with Bo Lindekrantz, (design-team Lindau & Lindekrantz) for Lammhults and other companies.
1972-74 Glass for Orrefors Glasbruk
From 1978 lamps for Zero Interiör Ab
From 1986 Furniture design & Production at Blå Station
From 1989 Furniture design for Lustrum