Book Releases: Architect Erik Lundberg – Light and form

The architect Erik Lundberg (1895-1969) is one of the most influential church restoration architects in Sweden of all time, and as the Danish artist Asger Jorn described him “…the only real architectural historian we at all have…”. Lundberg’s ten volume magnum opus Arkitekturens Formspråk (The language of form in architecture 1945-60) is to this day, a unique source to theories about the experience of architecture for old as well as new generations of architects. But Lundberg’s role as a designer has remained largely unknown. For the majority of the churches that he worked on in Sweden, Lundberg also designed light fittings with a unique expression which broke with the ideal aesthetics of functionalism. With the help of the Lundberg family, interviews with former colleagues – and with previously largely unpublished photographs, sketches and drawings – this book for the first time aims to present Erik Lundberg in a perspicuous way to a wider design interested crowd and give him a place in the history of Swedish design.

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Architect Erik Lundberg – Light and form
Language: Swedish, English
Text: Gustaf Kjellin with foreword by Christian Björk
Design and translation: Gustaf Kjellin
Pages: 144
Format: 265 x 210 mm
Binding: Hard cover
ISBN: 978-91-7040-156-5

“Functionalism has often been described as a breaking point between the old and the new. The effect, was a narrowly constructed narrative with given insiders and a large number of outsiders, written out of history – that is where we find Erik Lundberg’s design language.”
/ Christian Björk

“The thoroughly and carefully shaped radii creates unique objects which seemingly only could have been made possible, if you crossed a building by the Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, with a chandelier by the Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell.”
/ Gustaf Kjellin