BM61 Chair & BM62 Armchair by Børge Mogensen – Fredericia

Carefully Calibrated for Comfort

Slender yet solid, simple yet striking, the BM61 Chair and BM62 Armchair bring us back to nature in a welcome return to simple shapes that capture the essence of a concept. Exposed construction. And authentic materials that outlast any temporary trend.

Both versions of the chair are a true tribute to our company credo: to create modern originals crafted to last. For their author, Børge Mogensen, a long-lasting design starts with clean lines, involving only what’s crucial to the construction. Coupled with time-honoured craftsmanship skills to ensure the purity of each line.

What’s more, honest materials add character without compromise. In a dining chair designed to age with beauty and dignity. The choice of cane wicker or linen webbing for the seat and back teamed with a solid wood frame signal an elegance that’s neither ornate nor extravagant. Derived from nature, each material has a timeless appeal reflecting our expertise in materiality that dates back to our early beginnings at Fredericia.

In terms of construction, Mogensen succeeded in creating the most comfort with the least effort in a slim design that’s surprisingly solid. The rear post changes direction precisely where optimal support for the back is needed. Consequently, the lower section supports the small of the back in an upright position, whereas the upper part provides support in a more relaxed position. The result is a dining chair that’s comfortable before and after dinner.

Whether you choose the version with or without arms, in either natural cane wicker or linen webbing in natural or black, you have a meticulously conceived icon constructed to perfection. Easy to envision in high-end restaurants, retail spaces and residences, and as a statement piece in galleries, museums and executive corporate settings.