Billboard by Mats Theselius & Andreas Roth – minus tio

During Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013 minus tio premiers a brand new product line by Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth. It is a series of billboards in a number of carefully selected colours and with a printed grid pattern that can be built and combined, horizontally or vertically. A Billboard to draw on, to attach magnets or images on, to leave as a painting, to build a colourful wall from or to present as a foreign object, a conversation piece. All at once.

The Billboard by Theselius/Roth is featured in ‘Wallpaper* Workspace’, an installation revolving around a vision of how and where we should spend our working lives. The idea is to create a work environment, using an architectural element, with personalised spaces that encourage creativity, motivation, loyalty, and honest graft. The installation opens on March 23rd at Howick Place, London, UK, and features three types of Billboards; green, yellow and white with pink grid.

More info please contact Oskar Wingård
at or +46 704 499 100.