Bike by Monica Förster – Offecct

Bike by Monica Förster – Offecct

BIKE by Monica Förster

“I developed this chair originally for the Bianchi bicycle café here
in Stockholm. It’s inspired from the bicycle and sporting worlds
and I think it is both Scandinavian and international in its
expression. Above all, my ambition was to emphasise the
superior handcraft element, with elaborate attention to every
detail in the choice of material, the stitching, and other aspects.
The chair is really top notch in every sense, suitable both for the
office and the home environment. A special quality is that it’s
equally beautiful from every angle, also from the back.”
— Monica Förster

MONICA FÖRSTER IS ONE OF SWEDEN’S LEADING, most awarded, publicised and internationally successful furniture and product designers. She is the only designer to have been named Designer of the Year two times by Elle Decoration, in 2008 and most recently in 2015, one of the latest in her long string of prestigious prizes and awards. Her design is distinguished by qualities such as innovation, elegance and modernity. Monica Förster grew up north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland. From her studio in Stockholm she works not only for a number of the world’s leading furniture producers, but also for companies such as Techno, Volvo and Whirlpool. As early as in 2004, Monica Förster was awarded Time Magazine’s award for Coolest Invention for her much publicised product Cloud for Offecct.

Bike by Monika Förster – the chair with inspiration from the sport of cycling and the superior craftsmanship.

LAB is our design laboratory. Here, we experiment with new sustainable materials and technical solutions to improve furniture and interior design. Objects in the LAB collection are not finished products, but work in progress. Once a product reaches the point at which it is perfectly fine-tuned in every detail, which not all products do, it is launched in our main collection.