Betty stackable chair design by Thau & Kallio – &Tradition

Betty TK1 by Thau & Kallio – &Tradition

Introducing Betty, a stackable chair by Thau & Kallio for &Tradition based around a design element most overlook: seat webbing.

Named after Copenhagen’s Betty Nansen theatre, a wooden pavilion originally built in 1857, the eponymous chair is the result of a broader design dilemma for designers Jakob Thau & Sami Kallio. Looking to create comfortable seating befitting any and every space, the solution came in the shape of a universal component that is typically concealed underneath the frame. Consequently, Betty’s most prominent feature is its exposed webbed seat.


Providing a focal point for the design, the webbed chair is almost a contradiction in terms: While it appears sturdy, it’s deceptively light. The supportive, stackable design may appear stiff at first glance, but its comfort is apparent the minute you sit in it. “The webbing ensures the chair is not only light in weight, but also gives it an airy, almost transparent presence,” explains Sami Kallio. “On the other hand, it is strong yet flexible, as the webbing sculpts the body.”



Using natural linen fibres, the webbing straps are woven by hand, tailored to fit each wooden seat frame. Available in three contemporary frame colours – Black, Twillight & Maroon – the chair’s visible construction is part of its honest design and its enduring appeal.



Holding Masters degrees in design and trained as carpenters, Sami Kallio and Jakob Thau marry their in-depth understanding of wood and traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern materials and manufacturing methods to create universally appealing designs.