Beckmans Graduation Show 2021 – Time Well Spent 
May 20, 2021

Beckmans College of Design’s annual graduation show opens on May 20th.
The three graduating classes in Fashion, Product Design, and Visual Communication have worked to explore, challenge and influence a variety of areas within design. In May, they will present their graduation projects both digitally and in an exhibition at the college.

The exhibition concept raises questions about the importance of time within design, especially during times like these. The students have all experienced how time affects a project – how infinite it feels at the start and how scarce it is at the end. Still, somehow, you reach your goal.

Beckmans’ Graduation Show 2021 is called “Time Well Spent”, meaning three years at Beckmans is time well spent.

Concept & Art Direction: Ivan Gedin, Isabelle Sjö, Lisa Åsberg & Lova Nyblom, graduating students in Visual Communication


Beckmans College of Design Stockholm has long been a leading design college in Sweden and a meeting point for creative and artistic progress with significant relevance to society and its development. A venue devoted to promoting the knowledge that is associated with praxis-based design on an artistic foundation, research and questioning.