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Build Small, Think Big

With its unique form the BAUX 3D PIXEL offers a new and innovative way to control your sound environment in small rooms and limited spaces. Improve the sound quality within your reception area, corridor or office in a creative three-dimensional way. By adding a three-dimensional structure we introduce a new and exiting element of design. Create something spectacular and discover unsought combinations while creating a beautiful and enjoyable audio atmosphere and visual experience even in the smallest rooms.

Eats sound like no other BAUX product

Architects and designers are increasingly concerned with improving the acoustics and sound quality in rooms of various sizes and shapes without reducing the high quality design. In smaller rooms, compressed hallways and limited spaces sound differs considerably from larger rooms. The sounds may cause fluttering echoes, room modes and early short sound reflection. By adding a another dimension, depth and breadth the BAUX 3D PIXEL will absorb unwanted sounds and create a more pleasant environment.

Three new dimensions. One proven formula

BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixels are made from of the same natural materials as BAUX Tiles and Panels – wood wool, cement and water. The difference is that we’ve created the possibility for you to work with three dimensions, so it’s even easier to design unique sustainable acoustic designs for any space.

Loved by Nature

BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics.

 Design by Form Us With Love

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