Coathanger Babe design by Anna Kraitz – Källemo


This type of coat stand is so good and I didn´t want to change it, only make it more “mine”.
When I made the sofa “MAMA LOOK”, it felt a bit naked,
that’s why I added some accessories from me, my belts and my pantaloons
To use the belt also at the coat stand for BABE felt natural – a metaphor!
In this way, BABE has a personality and shall not be put away in a corner.
“Nobody puts baby in a corner”
But my coatstand is no baby, it`s a BABE

Babe 2011. H 190, Ø 61 cm.
Coathanger. Painted in white, blue alt. coppered steel frame.
Leather belts in natural, black alt. brown.
Design: Anna Kraitz.


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