Aurora – Nordic Architecture and Design @ Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015

Summit have created a new exhibition for the Stockholm Furniture & Light fair called Aurora. It consists of two parts. “Nordic Conditions” explore the different conditions under which designers in the five nordic countries work, and the other part is called “The common good” and shows public housing in Sweden.

Aurora – Nordic Architecture and Design shines a spotlight on the unique features of Nordic design and Swedish architecture

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair presents Aurora – Nordic Architecture and Design, an exhibition that takes a closer look at what makes Nordic design unique and displays examples of Swedish housing architecture. The exhibition consists of two parts, one focusing on architecture, The Common good! and one focusing on design, Nordic Conditions. Aurora is created in collaboration with the independent architecture and design initiative, Summit.

The name of the exhibition is borrowed from the Latin word, Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are a phenomenon associated with the Nordic region. The name reflects that there is something very specific and unique to Nordic architecture and design.

“We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to display what we believe to be an interesting selection of designs from the five Nordic countries and at the same time to create an exhibition about architecture that highlights an important topic rarely seen in a commercial context,” says Daniel Golling and Gustaf Kjellin from Summit, who have curated the exhibition.

Architecture Exhibition Aurora – The common good!

The lack of housing is one of the largest problems facing contemporary society and a curse for both those without permanent housing and the economy. Housing architecture, however, is not part of the problem. Public housing plays a unique role on the Swedish housing market and has historically been linked with high-quality architecture. By displaying new apartment buildings designed by several of Sweden’s prominent architects, The Common good! tells the story of how this rich tradition is being continued with today’s public housing. The exhibition also vindicates rental apartments at a time when housing is often viewed primarily as a commodity. The architecture exhibition is created in collaboration with Swedish Association of Architects.

“Given the current lack of housing, it is particularly interesting to look at the role public housing can play in creating good, sustainable living environments. Our challenge today is to build a very large amount of housing in a very short period of time while also creating functional cities where people can live,” says Tobias Olsson, President of Swedish Association of Architects.

Design Exhibition Aurora – Nordic Conditions
There are many things that Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland have in common. Historical connections reaching far back in time have today resulted in very similar cultures. In terms of design, the well-known term “Scandinavian design” is often used to refer to the design from the Nordic region, but despite their similarities, the conditions for the five design stages are very different. This exhibition showcases the designs that have been created out of the unique conditions present in each of the five Nordic countries.