Attention to detail – Skagerak

Norr, Aino and Opening Tray are the names of three new Skagerak indoor products in oak that are available in the shops in February. Their common feature, besides the material, is their ability to draw attention to detail. The Norr Shelf by exhibiting objects that carry special personal meaning – a modern take on the traditional Danish bric-a-brac ‘Amager’ shelf. Aino by bringing out the sensuous quality of everyday routines. The small standing mirror with the wooden base doubling as a practical handle is bound to put a smile on your face, as you look at your own reflection. And in Opening Tray, design and detail are two sides of the same coin, as the handle derives from an opening in the edge – hence the name. The tray is perfectly suited for serving or as a display for some of your favourite personal objects.

All three Skagerak innovations are created by contemporary Scandinavian designers whose work draws inspiration from history, material and functionality. That is important to us, just as we are proud to present a collection of objects created with passion and care for people and planet.

Opening Tray
Design John Astbury

Opening Tray takes its name from the opening in the edge that forms the handle, uniting function and aesthetic. Use the tray for serving or as a display for some of your most valued personal objects. The trays are made of untreated oak and come in two sizes, with the smaller tray fitting inside the larger one.

Aino Mirror
Design Wesley Walters & Salla Luhtasela

Aino is a two-sided mirror in light oak – eye-catching and sculptural. The frame of the mirror is wedged into the rounded base, so you can place it on a shelf or your dresser. The base doubles as a practical handle. Aino Mirror comes in two sizes.

Norr Shelf
Design Ditte Buus Nielsen

Norr Shelf is a rectangular interpretation of the traditional Danish bric-a-brac ‘Amager’ shelf – perfect for small utilitarian objects, plants or your personal favourites. The shelf is mounted with a strap in natural leather on a brass screw hook. A magnet at the bottom attaches to a screw in the wall to keep everything in place.
Material: Oak / Leather / Brass
WxDxH: 36x10x76 cm