ateljé Lyktan, part 1–10 projects

ateljé Lyktan, part 1–10 projects

ateljé Lyktan, part 1–10 projects

The first of a three part series about our custom design department.


10 Ateljé projects


Location: The Session Chamber. Swedish Parliament, Stockholm.
Lighting planner: Grontmij in association with the Property Unit of the Swedish Parliament.
Lighting designer: Sylvia Toutparfait.

Pulpit lighting in classic style made of polished brass for the Swedish Parliament ́s First and Second Chamber.

Pulpit lighting in polished brass.

Luminaires in one of the meeting rooms.

Kristianstads Rådhus

Location: Kristianstad.
Architect: Fojab arkitekter, Greger Dahlström.
Client: Kristianstad Municipality and Skåne County Council.

Wall-mounted luminaire in hammered copper designed for the Session Chamber in Kristianstad Town Hall by architect Greger Dahlström.

Ticka – a wall-mounted luminaire in hammered copper.

The Session Chamber.


Location: KTH library, Stockholm.
Client: KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology.
Architect, Lighting design, Luminaire design: Ahrbom & Partner Arkitektkontor.
Electrical consultants: Sweco.

Specially designed table luminaire in spun aluminium, with integrated electrical outlet for e.g. charging laptops and mobile phones.

The luminaire is installed in all study groups throughout the library.

Low-level study lighting with downward light to complement the rest of the lighting in the room.

Study areas in the form of circles that create small rooms within a room.


Location: Södermalmsskolan, Stockholm.
Client: SISAB.
Lighting designer, luminaire design: Helena Aman Johansson.
Electrical consultants: PQR Consult.
Electricians: El-linjen.

A wall-mounted luminaire in glass and polished brass.

The new lighting was inspired by the original lighting from 1936.

The luminaire designed for the project, around the atrium in the centre of the school.


Location: Treehotel, Harads.
Architect: Rintala Eggertsson Architects.

Pendant and wall-mounted luminaire, Dragonfly, designed by architect Sami Rintala.

The pendant lamp Dragonfly, in the wooden room that shares the same name.

The construction with adjustable aluminium cubes enables the user to change the character and function of the room.

Dragonfly wall-mounted luminaire.

Oscar Jacobson

Location: Oscar Jacobson at Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki.
Architects: Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter.

Handmade pendant luminaires with shades in varnished spun aluminium.

The intentionally discreet, striped effect of the shades gives a heightened feeling of handcraft.

The construction consists of five different shades that are combined together.

Folkets park

Location: Folkets park, Malmö.
Client: Malmö City.
Architect, Lighting designer: Johan Moritz.
Electricians: Svevia.

The lamppost, Kalla, with inspiration from the plant world. Designed by architect Johan Moritz.

A spotlight is fitted to the corolla to illuminate the crowns of the trees. At the root of the post is a narrow-beam ground spotlight.

The Kalla lamp, named after Araceae flowering plants, is a complex solution based on both direct and indirect light.

Between the post and the luminaire is a hand-operated copper trumpet that links the stem and the flower bud to a device.


Location: The Factori bridge, Eskilstuna.
Client: Eskilstuna municipality.
Light designer: K-Konsult Elmiljö.

The lamppost is inspired by glowing charred iron.

Iron and metal processing smiths have been operating by Faktoribron since the 1600s.

In the body of the luminaire there are three linear RGB strips and a built-in focused functional light.

Built into the body of the luminaire is a funtional light that is directed to the pedestrian and cycle paths on the bridge.


Location: The Nobel Square, Malmö.
Client: Malmö City.
Luminaire design: Anders Dahlbäck, Malmö City.
Lighting designer: Johan Moritz, Malmö City.
Electrician: Elservice i Trelleborg AB.

A lamppost that creates a wide and extruding silhouette. The luminaire is designed by Anders Dahlbäck and Johan Moritz.

From the side, the luminaire resembles a classic light for the workplace with an adjustable arm and a round shade.

From the front, the luminaire becomes flattened and looks like a straight line or a pillar.

On the square there are seven examples of the so-called Factory lamp.


Location: Malmö.
Client: Malmö City.
Architect / Luminaire design: Lokal XXX Arkitekter.
Lighting designer: Johan Moritz.
Electricians: Lambertsson.

A spectacular lamppost designed by Lokal XXX Arkitekter and Johan Moritz.

The swaying elipses give a feeling of space and provide functional and exciting lighting.

The luminaires harmonise the bridge design and the light welcomes people to the area.

The shape of the elipses appears different from different angles. From one angle it looks like a circle, and from another angle it looks like a straight line.

For over eighty years, the ateljé Lyktan factory in Åhus has produced unique luminaires in parellel with family series of luminaires. During the forties and fifties, individual luminaires were often made for a specific place, but as times changed, the demand for standard products became more commonplace.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, interest for custom-made solutions grew and the ”Custom design unit” was revised and given more resources. The modernised, custom design department was named Ateljén (the studio).

In Ateljén, everything from prototypes (some never become more than a prototype) to luminaires for offices, hotels, residential homes and public environments are manufactured. All kinds of lighting for interior and exterior environments, of both small and large series are developed here.

The custom design department has the capacity, flexibility and competence to solve all kinds of technical and lighting challenges. All sorts of things go on in Ateljén, from cutting, punching, polishing, different types of welding and spinning, rolling, powder coated and liquid varnishing, trimming, filing, and of course all types of forging work. There are no limitations, only possibilities.

If you are interested in working with us on a custom design project, please contact us at


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