Asso Grosso by Nicola Cosentino & Stefano Spanio – Karl Andersson & Söner

Asso is the concave stool, Grosso is the convex model. Stool and table are integrated into a single item. The stool simply slides out from under the table and you have somewhere to sit and a surface to put things on. The table comes in black or white compact laminate in various shapes and sizes for use with one, two, three or four stools. Asso Grosso is perfect in public spaces such bars, receptions, lounges, etc. Nicola Cosentino (1979) and Stefano Spanio (1978) first met on Friday, 13 March 1998 in Berne, Switzerland. Eight years later, after graduating as industrial designers from ECAL, the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, they set up their own company, CosentinoSpanio, in Berne. Design Nicola Cosentino & Stefano Spanio.


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