Arv Lounge Chair by David Thulstrup – Brdr.Krüger

The beauty of well-proportioned joinery.

Fifth-generation furniture makers Brdr. Krüger has collaborated with David Thulstrup to create a lounge chair version of the acclaimed and award-winning Arv Chair, initially designed for restaurant Noma.

Thulstrup seeks to balance beauty with durability, lightness with comfort, and materials that will only become more expressed over time. The well-proportioned shapes and refined detailing are based on the fundamental idea of seamless joinery, reflecting organic growth patterns found in nature. Arv Lounge Chair enriches interior settings with timeless appeal and quality, fitting for hospitality settings, low-seat office areas, or private residences.

David Thulstrup says: “I wanted to reflect on the relationship between the space you are in and what your body might require from a lounge chair. The Arv Lounge Chair accommodates the body to rest in the sense of observing or receiving the space around you.”


A New Heritage.

“Arv” is the Danish word for Heritage, seeking to embody and honour craftsmanship, materiality and enduring qualities.

The Arv Lounge Chair is proudly crafted in the Brdr. Krüger family workshop in Denmark from a mix of modern and traditional methods, resulting in a strong and durable design that will last for generations.

It is made from certified solid oak, available in a choice of oiled or fumed oak, combined with handwaved paper cord. The surfaces are hand-polished with a natural wax oil, providing a protective layer with a soft touch.

The products are available directly from Brdr. Krüger and a select number of resellers worldwide.


Made in Denmark.

Danish design brand, Brdr. Krüger, started in 1886 as a wood-turning workshop founded by brothers Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger. Today the company has evolved into a self-producing furniture brand, that celebrates enduring Danish design values and embraces modernity.

Brdr. Krüger is evolving a legacy of craftsmanship, and collaborates with some of the world’s best design talent to create a living collection of furniture. Its commitment to excellence, nurtured for five generations, ensures products of the greatest quality in every piece that leaves the family-owned factory in Denmark.


About David Thulstrup.
David Thulstrup is an award-winning architect and designer whose refined and holistic approach to architecture, interiors and product design combines his Scandinavian heritage with a modern design language.

Describing his style as ‘modern simplicity’, David creates pared-back designs that feel current but will stand the test of time. This requires meticulous attention to detail, curiosity and ambition. David use materiality in an honest and thoughtful way to achieve a harmonious interplay between the architecture and the elements within.

“It is very important to take into account the way a chair’s
appearance combines with the person who sits in it.”
Nanna Ditzel