Artek + Heath – Connecting Craft in Wood and Clay

Beauty, utility, integrity, longevity – these principles guide both Artek and California based Heath Ceramics. The two have come together once again to produce a collection of furniture that embodies their values and showcases their creative chemistry.


Artek and Heath Ceramics have come together once again to produce a collection of furniture that embodies their values and showcases their creative chemistry. Founded an ocean apart more than 70 years ago, both companies have each maintained a legacy of craft rooted in natural materials and thoughtful production methods. Artek and Heath products are manufactured with respect for people and the environment, upholding high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. This partnership brings together world-class craftsmanship and exceptional design integrity.

This year’s collaboration, consisting of Tile Tables and a Stool 60 Nesting Set, has produced a distinctive line of furniture that marries Artek’s iconic bent wood and Heath’s legendary ceramic. The designs speak to the interrelationship between trees and earth, and celebrate the origins of the materials.



Tile Table

Made with materials from both Finland and California, the Tile Table reflects this international collaboration. Artek furniture is manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch, keeping with the original vision of Alvar Aalto. Developed in the 1930s, Artek’s process of bending solid wood created the L-shaped leg that gives the Aalto Table its characteristic look.

Heath’s tradition of glaze experimentation led to surfaces with natural variation and signature details in shades of green, white and black. A single dual-glaze tile on each table creates a mark unique to this design.


Set of Nesting Stools

Designed as an extension of the tables’ glaze and material palettes, the stacking set of green-topped stools create an adaptable system of furniture that functions in many ways. Manufactured in Turku, Finland, Alvar Aalto’s iconic Stool 60 is the most elemental of furniture pieces.

Heath reimagined the design as a set of nesting stools, with seats in a spectrum of greens that echo the tile glaze palette. The set features custom leg heights, which allow for playful arrangements, and many uses. When stacked, the stools reveal a satisfying cascade pattern – a functional sculpture that rests neatly on the floor.


The Rectangular Tile Table and Square Tile Table launched internationally on October 20th 2022 along with the special edition of Artek’s famous Stool 60 in the collection’s green hues. All products will be available at Heath showrooms and through the Heath online store as well as at Artek Helsinki and Artek Tokyo.