Arka turns 60 – Stolab

Arka turns 60 – Stolab

We are celebrating this with Kasthall!

In 1955, Yngve Ekström (1913–1988) designed a low Windsor-style chair for Stolab that was named Arka. Arka disappeared from our selection for a number of years, but in 2007 we re-started production and it has now become one of our most beloved classics. Arka turns 60 in 2015 and we are celebrating this by introducing a new oak version, initially as an exclusive, numbered edition with a production run of only 155 chairs. We are also adding a cushion with a pattern that has been designed by Kasthall’s head designer for the past 25 years, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg.

Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, head designer at Kasthall

“Cooperating with Stolab on this project has been a lot of fun. Both Arka and I turn 60 in 2015. When I received the assignment to design the pattern for the new cushion, I went back to the original cushion from the 1950s.”

1950s speckles

“I wanted the pattern to be reminiscent of the speckles that were typical for the 1950s but at the same time cutting-edge modern. The fabric is a thinner variation of our Häggå Stripe pattern. Häggå Stripe was also introduced in the 1950s.”

Characteristic tufting

“In Stolab’s Arka-version of Häggå, the stripes have two dimensions, one that is black, brown and beige and the other that is dark grey. The fabric is 100 per cent wool. We then added tufting that is characteristic of the era. The cushion is held in place using a leather band and also has a leather tag with Kasthall’s and Stolab’s logos.”

The anniversary edition of Arka is made from solid, oiled oak and has a production run of only 155 numbered chairs, including the cushion.

On the bottom of this numbered edition of Arka is a metal plate with the year and unique serial number.