Lammhults asked designer Anya Sebton to further develop the successful Area sofa collection

Lammhults asked designer Anya Sebton to further develop the successful Area sofa collection. New upholstered footstools and a neat little table are being presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, products which thanks to a unique technical solution can be put together using strong magnetic couplings. The same module can be turned in both directions and expanded in an infinite number of variations.

The Lammhults design team has together with Anya Sebton developed such a unique magnetic linking device for furniture that a patent is pending. The magnets are innovatively concealed within the furniture, and they lock the modules together with unexpectedly high stability that can cope with 70 kilos of pressure. It is easy for the user to rearrange the seating group without screws or other conventional fasteners.

The new table in perforated metal plate is reminiscent of a transparent net and creates excitement in the meeting between the different materials, solid with transparent. The triangular footstool, which is also new, can simply be put together with other products in the series to create new impressions and areas of application: six footstools facing each other form a large pouf, two footstools become an oblong bench, and a whole row creates a playful, snaking seating area that can easily be combined with modules that have back supports.

“A product should work as well in the middle of a room as against a wall. It should be good enough to look at from all angles. Giving the product development process and the designer the time required to achieve these criteria is something that is unique to Lammhults, and an inspiring challenge for us designers,” says Anya Sebton, whose modular furniture Area is a design classic of the future.

Area already comprises five modular units – right, left, corner and center units plus a footstool – which can be used separately or in groups. Two, three or even more seater sofas can easily be created. The innovative linking device consisting of built-in magnets makes the units easy to regroup, to create new seating solutions adapted for the current need. The asymmetrically shaped footstools can be linked together to form smart bench solutions and the center unit also makes an excellent free-standing easy chair.

The design is timeless with its own modern character. The diagonal lines are echoed in the design and upholstery. The high back offers a feeling of seclusion in open areas and makes it possible to build a room within a room. The design has been appreciated by figures such as Sir Paul Smith, who has used Area and covered the furniture in his own distinctive fabrics.

Area is ideal for public meeting spaces such as waiting areas, lounges and lobbies, as well as home interiors.

Design: Anya Sebton

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