Archipelago tables by Michael Sodeau – Offecct

Archipelago, tables by Michael Sodeau

Wood is a material of infinite possibilities and still one of the best materials to use for production from an ecological perspective. Offecct has explored these possibilities with British designer Michael Sodeau and created the wooden table Archipelago. A table with unique outlines, shaped through genuine craftsmanship.

– The idea of Archipelago was to create a series of surfaces almost like small islands that furniture could be arranged around. The tables are made using a craft based process of production, with attention to details such as angled edges and the use of several different diameters. Archipelago is pared back in its expression, unwanted and unnecessary parts are removed, reducing thickness so everything has a very light feel to it, says Michael Sodeau.


Archipelago is a wooden table and is designed in three sizes, in two different heights with a set of wheels underneath. Its calm expression and tactile surface makes it equally fit for use in the ever changing environment of an office, as well as in the privacy of your home. Alone or in a group, as a side table or a coffee table, the design of Archipelago pleases many different needs and fits very well in the entire Offecct collection

– Offecct has an artisan approach to the design and production process and have in a way, managed to bridge the gap between the hand made and the mass-produced, which fits very nicely in an environmental and ethical sense, concludes Michael Sodeau.