Anki Gneib and Mia Cullin created a furniture collection together: Universe

Anki Gneib and Mia Cullin have been collaborating for several years with projects such as interior architecture and exhibition design. For the first time, they have now joined forces and created a furniture collection together.

The sculptural furniture features horizontal planes that delicately balance on latticed spheres, offering a captivating interplay between weight and lightness, solidity and layering of planar surfaces.

UNIVERSE is an ongoing project, a collection that will continue to expand as they explore new expressions and materials in their work.



Anki Gneib

Anki Gneib is born in London and educated at the Konstfack, the University of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. The studio is based in Stockholm and works on a wide range of projects such as residential architecture, interior design for commercial spaces, as well as furniture, lighting and product design.

The work of  Anki Gneib is characterized by experimental and playful expressions through both the process and result. She has a passion for cultural investigation and often depicts objects that have a historical context and creates her own contemporary interpretations of classical expressions. The studio works with both Swedish and International clients such as Varaschin, Gebrueder Thonet Vienna, Nola, Blå Station, Ikea, Marrakesh Design and Reijmyre Glassworks.

Tel +46 709 50 70 91

Mia Cullin

A deeply nourished interest in traditional craftsmanship and visually striking constructions inspires Mia Cullin’s work with interior architecture work as well as with design objects in all kind of sizes. Clean, straightforward and often basic geometric shapes are combined with handicraft details.

Mia Cullin studied at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, as well as abroad at the Denmark Design School in Copenhagen and at Accademia di Moda e Design in Florence. She founded her design studio after having graduated from Konstfack in 1998. Her works span from interior design to furniture and smaller objects. Among her clients are Swedish companies such as Verk, Nola, Materia, Ikea and Gemla. Mia is also working with companies outside Sweden, for example Adea and Filzfelt.

Tel +46 709 62 02 96

 Photo: Andy Liffner, Kristian Pohl, Deadline Art Collective.