An optimized and experience-driven trade fair awaits 2022

After almost two years of absence, we are finally ready to welcome visitors from all over the world to an optimized and experience-driven trade fair where Scandinavian design, and a focus on sustainability and new innovations in the area, will take centre stage.
”I’m really excited to join Stockholm Furniture & Light fair in such an interesting time. It’s the most important arena for Scandinavian design and it’s vital to adapt it to suit new needs”, says Hanna Nova Beatrice, who recently stepped in as Project Area Manager of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

One of the news for 2022 is a new fair layout making the experience for the visitors more dynamic. There are also a number of new concepts like The Library, combining the fair with activities in the city in a new manner. Instead of the annual Guest of Honour installation, the Swedish multidisciplinary fashion designer Martin Bergström has been commissioned to create a large scale experimental installation drawing inspiration from Scandinavian heritage. “Martin’s poetic narrative with its dramatic expression shows a different element of the often very stereotypic Scandinavian aesthetic”, says Sanna Gebeyehu, Concept & Product Owner.

Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks – with the tagline “being a game changer” – is divided in two parts in 2022; one is a digital format with panel debates and talks focusing on sustainability, innovation and human centred architecture. It kickstarts the week before the fair and the program spans three days. The second part takes place during Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair where a few selected international keynote speakers are invited to give the talks in person. Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-chief and founder of Scandinavian MIND, is in charge of the content production.

Celebrating 20 years since it’s inception Greenhouse continues to attract young international talent and design schools. With its mentors program offering selected students a one year mentor support, and a best exhibitor award of EUR 5000 handed out in collaboration with Volvo, it has a unique format. “I am convinced that both visitors and exhibitors will feel more inspired than ever visiting the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February 2022. We are keeping the best elements of the fair, while also presenting completely new ones”, says Gebeyehu.