Alphabet™ Sofa by Piero Lissoni – Fritz Hansen

Alphabet Sofa™ Series is a flexible sofa concept designed by
Piero Lissoni. The design, inspired by toy Lego bricks, consists of modular
elements that can be combined in an endless variety of combinations.

The Alphabet Sofa™ Series is a modular sofa system with units that can be combined in a variety of ways.

The sofa series consists of seat modules in 4 different sizes, 8 straight backrests, an L-shaped corner backrest, an armrest and loose cushions. The seat, back-, and armrest modules are constructed of layers of high-resiliency (HR) foam with firmer foam on the seat module’s front. The seats rest on glides in dark grey synthetic material. Modules are connected through hidden connections. The sofa can be combined in many ways but some limitations exist.

The Alphabet Sofa Series is available in fabric upholstery and different upholstery colours can be combined in the same sofa. The fully upholstered seat, back and can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Design Piero Lissoni, 2008.

Italian Piero Lissoni is a well-known designer and architect with a degree from the Polytechnico of Milan. In 1986 Lissoni founded the Studio Lissoni. Since then Piero Lissoni has worked with a formidable list of design brands on a wide diversity of designs of furniture and lighting.

Lissonis’s projects are often total concepts, i.e. full-scale interiors and architecture of hotels, offices and showrooms, yachts and private homes. He’s inspired by many different elements and also by designers such as Danish Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjærholm. Piero Lissoni’s creative principle is never to design for a specific function or purpose – but to design for
human beings.

For Fritz Hansen Piero Lissoni has designed the Lissoni Sofa™ and the Alphabet Sofa™ Series, a modular sofa series. As Lissoni puts it: “Generally, things become boring if they are too static and immobile. Beauty lies in imperfection…” and “…each sofa element can be seen as a letter in an alphabet. It is then up to the individual to put together the letters to form a word”.