Aline a bar stool with an archetypal and outspoken character by Ineke Hans – Johanson

ALINE – a bar stool with an archetypal and outspoken character

The result of the new collaboration between Ineke Hans and Johanson will be presented this spring. Ineke is regarded as one of the leading designers in the Netherlands and is acclaimed for her straightforward design language with a focus on details and function. Her aim is often to create products that are perceived as being both playful and inviting to social interaction. Together with Johanson, Ineke Hans has produced the new bar stool ALINE.

inekehans“When Johanson – rooted in upholstery – asked me to design a bar stool for them it was from the start clear for me that upholstery would be part of the design. My aim was to add character that would fi t to me and to Johanson, but also to a wide range of users. The stool has become outspoken, but at the same time very familiar. The metal ‘lining’ of ALINE creates a single distinct silhouette for the whole frame. A line that articulates and in that way adds to the character of the stool, but also plays a functional role and it has become a stool with an archetypal character that, in some way, speaks both my language and Johanson’s,” says Ineke Hans.

ALINE extends Johanson’s range of bar stools especially suited for bars and hotels, o ces and private homes. The ALINE frame is available in 194 RAL colours, now including also two metallic colours, 1036 gold and 8029 copper. The fabric coverings can be varied almost endlessly, thanks to the 500 di erent alternatives available. ALINE is the first range to be created in the collaboration between Ineke Hans and Johanson, an arrangement that Johanson would like to continue for a long time. ALINE is made entirely in Sweden and is manufactured at Johanson’s production plant in Markaryd.

Design Ineke Hans