Åkande means Water Lily in Danish and is a furniture series designed by Jonas Lyndby Jensen – House of Finn Juhl

‘Åkande’ means Water Lily in Danish and is a furniture series designed by Jonas Lyndby Jensen, former winner of the Finn Juhl Prize. The series, which counts two stools, one side table, and a desk, is the perfect supplement to Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture. All four pieces are characterized by their irresistible detailing around the edges, reminiscent of a single leaf from a Water Lily. Onecollection, the company most known for relaunching Finn Juhl’s exclusive designs, is the manufacturer behind the series.

Every year, the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation awards the prestigious Finn Juhl Prize to a person who has made a significant effort within furniture design. Jonas Lyndby Jensen received the award in 2020 and Onecollection will now be manufacturing four of his designs: A stool with a circular seat and three legs, a stool with an oblong seat and four legs, a side table with a column base and a work-from-home desk. The stool with four legs and the desk are available in solid oak. The stool with three legs and the side table are available in both solid oak and solid walnut.


Jonas Lyndby Jensen tells about the Åkande Series:

“One of the early images that popped into my mind when designing the series was the leaf of a Water Lily. My dad used to swim in lakes and pick Water Lilies. However, the association in my mind was not to the flower, but rather the round, flat leaf with the protruding collar. The flower of a Water Lily is the star of the lake, and the leaf serves to support it. In similar fashion, I humbly perceive my line of designs as a supplement to those of my idol, Finn Juhl.”


Hans Henrik Sørensen, co-founder of Onecollection – House of Finn Juhl shares his thoughts on the Åkande Series:

“We are often asked if Finn Juhl designed smaller side tables to go with his famous armchairs and sofas, such as the Chieftain Chair. Tables that would fit a book or a cup of coffee. The truth is, he did not… As such, it seems so right to us that we should launch Jonas Lyndby Jensen’s Åkande Series. The direct linkage to Finn Juhl had already been established, while the delicate and organic details are almost an extension of Finn Juhl’s expressive designs. At the same time, the designs appear independent, with a sense of character and sensuous detail.”

Jonas Lyndby Jensen creates his own prototypes in his workshop. He is the kind of designer who prefers to “see with his hands”. It has been ten years since Jonas Lyndby Jensen began working on different elements of the Åkande Series, but due to a lack of technical aptitude at this time, the project was put on hold. The defining detail of the Åkande Series is the curved nature of the edge. This feature strives to soften the appearance of the hard wood and give the design a living and organic shape. In order to achieve this result, wood as the sole material plays a crucial role, as artificial materials would never allow for the same degree of tactility, warmth and sensuousness.



Jonas Lyndby Jensen explains:
“Most of my designs are carried out in wood. I am strongest when working with this material and it makes the most sense in terms of my designs. I rely on the detailed collar to create the illusion of movement in the wood, thus sparking the interest of the beholder. After all, anything can be shaped in plastics – it is just not very interesting to look at.”