Add chair & barstool by Anya Sebton – Lammhults

Add chair & barstool by Anya Sebton – Lammhults

At Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015, Lammhults launches Add chair, yet another product in the successful Add series by Anya Sebton.

Add chair is a further development of the flexible and graphic Add stool in three heights. Add stool was launched in 2014 and has achieved great success in a number of products where flexibility and active seating is asked for. In today’s workplace we see more and more of the activity based work spaces. Short meetings, flexible places for creative people. We are on the go, we ”sit-stand”. Owing to the angle in the seat, the hips will fall slightly forward giving the user a more upright position. This position also gives better flow of oxygen in our bodies. For the longer meeting, Add has now been further developed into a chair with a moulded back for high comfort. Add series creates a dynamic meeting place where Add stools and chairs can be combined in the same meeting room.

Add stool adds a new dimension to the ergonomic sitting. With Add stool and Add chair, the areas of use are expanded and will cover the quick, active meeting as well as the longer conference. After a long meeting, the Add chair adds extra support. The brace running from the frame to the footrest allows flexibility in the sitting. The back, in moulded polyurethane, has an aesthetic, sweeping shape and offers great support. Add chair is a neat conference chair with high comfort and flexibility, and with the ergonomic aspect that broadens Lammhults chair collection.

The designer Anya Sebton explains: ”To me, it was very important to create an exciting balance in the meeting between seat and back, and I made the back of the chair quite generous and embracing in its shape. Working with the moulded polyurethane to the back allowed me as a designer to play with the radius in different angles which would be impossible to do when molding veneer, for instance.”


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